care about care

Providing help and advice for the elderly, we care about care!

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Proper Training

We believe care providers should be provided with the best training to ensure they have the knowledge needed to provide there service.

care about care

Home Improvements

Elderly people need the up most care. We look to provide them with any home improvements where possible to make their life easier.


Enough time

We believe that care providers should have enough time to provide the services they do. This should be at least 30 minutes per visit.

care about care 2

Care for workers

Lastly we believe that care workers should be given the best quality working conditions to provide there services.


Who helps!


We work with a range of building contractors plumbers and home improvement businesses who help us provide the elderly and vulnerable with essential help throughout the year. These companies include:

G Brookshaw Painting and Decorating – G Brookshaw provide us with a number of services using their Plymouth Painters and decorators. They have helped us with many of our care homes and the elderly to ensure they have living conditions they can be proud of. We would like to thank G Brookshaw for the hard work provided.

Croftside plumbing and heating – Croftside have helped us on many occasions providing the installation of disability showers and bathrooms in the Northern area of England. They have really helped us make a huge difference.

Aquatight Building and Heating – Aquatight have helped in the South of England providing disability bathrooms and showers. Again this has helped ensure care has been given to those less fortunate and the vulnerable are provided with what they need for a comfortable life.


We work closely with a number of other charities around the UK who also help us with care for the vulnerable and elderly. We would like tot hank every one of these businesses for helping make this all possible with us.


We are great full to all of the volunteers around the country who have helped us fundraising and providing us with much needed donations. Without these people none of this would be possible. If you would like to make a donation please contact us using the contact buttons at the top of the page.